Karfan þín


  • International Sports Science Acadamy I.S.S.A.
  • S. Íþrottafræði HR
  • Fluent in both Icelandic and English

My emphasis is helping people lead better lives and building more confidence. I really enjoy strength training and improving atheltes in their weaknesses. Building better bodies and minds. If you have a goal, I can set the path to get there.

I have been in sports my entire life. I eat, sleep, breath athletics. I was raised in USA and played pretty much every sport there is to offer. Football, baseball, track and field, collegete boxing, coached swimming for 6 years and basically lived outdoors participating in mountain sports. All of this atop of my studies has helped develope my skills for providing athletes with what they need on and off the field.

Healthy living and making great memories.

Uppáhalds matur: 
Definatly BBQ.

Uppáhalds tónlist: 
If it initiates good feeling, I like it. But I just cant get into new aged pop.

Guilty pleasure: 
Watching the Sprite Slamdunk competitions on ESPN.

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