Karfan þín


School of Maria Kuzmina.


- personal trainer at the gym
- Pilates
- personal, functional trainer / COREVIPER, TRX
- stretching, stretch marks
- fitness for children and teenagers from 13 years old
- dietetics in fitness
- nutrition and hormones
My work experience is over 20 years.  I love sports since childhood and played volleyball and basketball.
I have worked for 10 years at the Fly Fitness club, 5 years at the Inter Fit club.  All this time I worked and studied.
I work with girls, women of all ages, as I know our problems and physiology from a medical point of view (problems with excess weight, back pain, knee pain, after surgery, childbirths.
With regular classes with me you´ll improve:
- posture
- bones and ligaments become stronger
- heart more hardy
- blood circulation improves
- strengthens the immune system
- beautiful and fit body
- Improved mood and increased performance
- and a lot of moral support from me
I invite you to my workouts to change your body and change your lifestyle!


All about sports, beauty and a healthy lifestyle!


English Ukrainian, Russian.

Trains at/in:

- Laugar, Kringlan, Seltjarnarnes and Breiðholt.

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